Wednesday, August 5, 2009

See, I wasn't lying

Brendan Hansen really was at the Jack's Generic Triathlon and I have the bad picture to prove it. Look closely at the chiseled back and on his left shoulder are the Olympic rings. Really.

It isn't stalking if it only happens once, right?


F said...

I need to check but is this the swimmer guy? The one who lost his medal on an airplane guy? My kids wore his medal... If its the same guy, a girl at B's work found it under the seat where she was sitting (he moved up for the second leg of the flight), took it to work the next day to try and find out whose it was and return it. I think they were on the Today show (NBC) together... B called us and said "get up here NOW", we did, got to see the medal, and maybe it was only George who put it on but it was nifty. Even if its not that guy, whomever is in your picture is HOT (from the back)

KB said...

He is steamy. I think he is worthy of stalking.