Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12:33 mile

A new PR! At track practice we did the regular warmup, then a mile time trial. I'm still sore from core and spin yesterday- the kind where your abs are painful and it hurts to breathe deeply. Not good. And I dread these because I am always last, and I was again tonight. But I did get 12:33, which is pretty damn good for me. I've had a 12-ish mile on the treadmill, but that is not the same as actually running outside.

But then we continued- a catchup drill with names and get to know you info, but of course, I couldn't keep up with the "fun group" and was just fine to do my mile by myself. But they decided to do run back to me every time I was up so that I could participate, which was really nice, and we wound up doing a little serpentine to finish about the same time as the other groups. I'm still working on names, and this did help, but I had spent all my energy on the time trial.

And then we were still not done- Coach L paired the slowest and fastest and then peeled down the line, and we did a mile relay. So I went first on my team and was very excited not to get lapped, but was still far behind, and our team, even with the two fastest guys, came in last. But at least I was not the last runner in! The winning group was the middle team- all evenly matched and reasonably fast.

And then we had to cool down, ankle exercises, and stretch. The hour runs become 90 minute workouts, just like the spin classes with core are almost two hours long. And I am even more sore and have that itchy lung from overexertion. Put a fork in me, I'm done.

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