Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spin & Swim

I had to go to the early spin class because of a CE meeting this evening, and after feeling great yesterday after my 10 mile run, (thanks protein shake and no nap!) this morning I was stiff and groggy. I did make it there, along with 27 other triathletes! This IM CDA thing is huge and everyone is healthy and motivated right now. I think T3 is going to have to make some adjustments to have this many people coming to workouts, such as moving the gear shelves so more people can come to spin. It's just super crowded with 28 people there!

Back to spin- my legs felt like I had attached lead weights and there would be no easy spinning at 100 rpm today. I did get through the workout, and about 20 min in, finally felt like I'd worked out the worst of the cobwebs. Stretched, and then off to Einstein's for a nova lox bagel- yum, read the papers, and kill time until I would meet S at Barton Springs.

Now this morning, it was 36 degrees, and had warmed up to about 42 by 9 am. That's cold when you're still a little sweaty and wearing shorts! And watching the two other swimmers get out of the water- that's going to be the worst part because at least the water is 62 degrees! Maybe S wouldn't show. So I did some core exercises to keep warm and tried to find the sunniest, warmest spot. And then S did show, so there had to be some swimming.

Struggling into the wetsuit, and then wading in- a little shocking at first until the tiny water layer under the wetsuit gets warmed up. Then it was fine- warm even, compared to the air temp. I did move very slowly and only did two laps and then tried to stay as under water as possible looking for the springs- but the water level was too low, so they weren't bubbling up. But tons of fish and so many more cool things to see during the day than at night! S did one more lap, then we put off getting out as long as possible. And it was excruciating. We ran up to the changing area, though it is open air and just as cold. And it's hard to get dressed with frozen fingers! Then home for a long nap, though I could never get warm, even with all my covers, socks, and flannel pajamas on!

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