Thursday, January 15, 2009

HCO Event #3

This event was ice skating at Northcross Mall and my favorite so far! There were a total of about 12 people, mixture of men and women, and one woman brought her tweener kids, which was fine. The last time I went ice skating was in 1999, when I took an evening class on adult ice skating in Dallas. Then, the ice skates had those hard plastic shells and were very uncomfortable. The skates tonight were brown leather, so I was excited to try them out- but they were awful! Even when laced so tight my feet feel asleep instantly, I still had a hard time keep my ankles from rolling in. I did a couple of laps around the chewed up ice and thought my ice skating days are over!

Another HCOer said she had the same problem and swapped them out for hockey skates (which I've always wanted to try). And they were so much better! About 1000% better! I think the wider base and the stiffer, higher boot helped keep my ankles from rolling in, which allowed me to have better balance. I was really moving around the ice and having a good time. The rink was pretty small and was very crowded- I couldn't tell if this was a special night or if it's always this crowded, but within about 5 minutes after being Zambonied, the ice was covered in ruts and ice chip sludge. And they had a special music thing where if you brought your iPod, they would play three of your songs. So it was a little disconcerting because when I first got there, there was about 10 minutes of Indian music! Then some Beatles, then some Rihanna, then some Michael Jackson. Overall, it was a pretty good selection.

So I would totally go skating again, and am even considering looking at the pricing of hockey skates. Of course, it's not just the purchase price, but then you have a pair of skates you have to find a place for in your house. I would love to go up north and skate outdoors- I'm putting that on my life list now!

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