Sunday, January 18, 2009

I heart the Australian Open

And Andy Roddick in particular! Drool! Of course, I like him because he's a local too, and he eats at the Einstein's on Lamar.

The big story this year is that he has a new coach and has dropped 15 lbs, and the sports press are still not giving him a chance to win it. I'm not sure if he can win it either, but I bet he'll at least make the semis. And I would love it if it was Roddick vs Federer in the final. And as much as I love Federer, I would have to root for Roddick on that one- he only has one title and Federer has 13!

As for the women, I'm so glad Sharapova is out with an injury, mainly because I can't stand listening to her awful screech with each hit. I'd like a Williams to win, or one of the Serbians, Ivanovic or Jankovic. In any case, there is a lot of tennis to watch on the Tivo and that makes me happy!

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