Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hash fun

Went out to the hash run, with Magically Delicious being one of four hares. This was my second hash, and a much better trail, easy to follow, plenty of markers in both chalk and flour. It started at the Statesman parking lot, down Town Lake trail, through downtown with one beer check at a bar, then a second beer check under the 35 bridge on the north side of the river, and the final on in just 500 yards away near the Fiesta Gardens park area. I actually wished it was a little longer, but it was COLD and windy with the front coming in. Really I wish the run was longer and the circle was shorter.

And I really enjoy the running and trail following aspect of hash, the drinking, swearing, pot smoking, and generally smuttiness is a little off putting. But generally, I've limited myself to one beer at the end, and haven't had anyone give me a hard time about it. And there are a bunch of guys- my preferred demographic at this point.

Then there's the nickname- I'm a little worried about it because there are some horrible and embarrassing nicknames and I really don't want one of those. For example: Father Syphilis, Pussy Hawk, He Whore, Whore on the Floor, Whoreo, C.M. Cumming, Jingle Balls, Dyke Tyson, and those are just a couple of them. And one person got named- Kitty Kitty Gang Bang. Part of me wants to stick around at least until I get a name, and if it's really horrible, I don't have to go back. But I've never had a real nickname, and I've always wanted one. Since graduation, there's Doc, and since the nieces and nephew, there's Tia, but neither are used very frequently, even though I like them both. And of course, it's totally not allowed to suggest nicknames, so I'm having a hard time keeping the nicknames I wouldn't mind to myself!

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