Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As I mentioned previously, here are the details for the EvoMe Challenge:

Check in every three months- first one now, next 4/08. Calendar:
4/08- Austin half 2/15, Lonestar Quarter Tri 4/5
7/08- Tour de Cure, I'm sure a couple of sprint tris
10/08- Longhorn Half Iron- A race! Volunteer at IMAZ
1/09- training for marathon
4/09- Austin Marathon 2/~15; break then start IM training in 5/09
7/09- IM training
10/09- IM training
11/09 IMAZ and end of challenge

At checkins- weight, body fat, measurements, core exercise benchmarks, race results. Checkins are to keep motivation high and have small attainable goals to shoot for, instead of a two year goal. 2008 is speed, 2009 is endurance. And $10,000 prize, though it may be only $5,000 if that's all I can put aside. But it's not like I have a ton of good options for retirement stocks!

So checkin #1 today- baseline measurements taken (I don't feel like sharing the real numbers, but I will post the changes in April)
Core exercise benchmarks- core kicks my ass
Pushups- 10 modified (goal- 10 real)
Plank- 10 seconds of real plank before collapsing (45 seconds steady)
Situps- 31 crunches in 45 seconds (45 crunches)
Sprint tri- 300m/11m/2m- 1:30:28 (my first tri at Skeese Greets 5/08)
Cap tex Olympic- 1500m/24m/10k- 4:42:19 (but mechanicals, 6/08)
10k- 1:24:16 in 9/04- IBM Classic (first and fastest in the modern era)
Half marathon 3:22:50 in 2/06- Freescale Austin Half (first and fastest)
I do think there's an unsettling trend that I am slowing down after my first effort at a particular distance. That needs to end.
Tri race PRs
Swim 2:30/100m (Jack's Generic 8/08)
Bike 13.8 mph (Skeese Greets 5/08)
Run 14:34 min/mile (Skeese Greets 5/08)

And so I found the last finisher for the 2008 IMAZ- 16:55:40- a woman 30-34- I would be so pumped if that were me! Her times:
1:28:20 swim- 2:20/100m- this is doable. I would need to work on endurance to keep that pace through the entire 2.4 m swim, but shouldn't be too bad.
8:15:35 bike- 13.6 mph- I would like to average over 15 mph to have a little cushion (that would make it about 7:30 for the bike split). Again, I can do 15 mph, but only about 10 miles at a time right now, so a LOT of work to do here.
6:53:38 run- 15:48 min/mile- a lot of work here too. I can't even do a half marathon at that pace, and I've never done a full marathon. And this is where the weight is the biggest problem. I will not be able to do that kind of pace carrying an extra hundred pounds. I would like to shoot for under 15 min/mile, just for the symmetry of it.

So that's where I'm starting. I think having the checkins will be a good benchmark and motivator, even if no one is reading. There is a long way to go, but here is the first step.

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