Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HCO event #1

My mom gave me a present of a three month subscription to Hill Country Outdoors, the Austin outdoorsy and social club. I had tried them briefly when I first moved to Austin, but between my weird work schedule and doing only kayaking events, I let it lapse. When I was talking to my mom about it, she did attach a caveat in that I had to use it, and we agreed to one event per week, on average. I thought that it would help me actually get out there and go to the events. And also if I knew that there were going to be 12 events, then each one would be less important and stressful.

So here is HCO event #1- Snow Bunny Happy Hour at the Dog and Duck Pub. This was an info session about the HCO ski trip to Steamboat in Feb. I was interested in the ski trip, but wasn't sure about how it would go if I have to work the Saturday we are leaving. As I was coming in, I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to recognized the group, but luckily the leader, R, had papers and an HCO backpack, so he was easy to identify. There were a total of 12-15 people there throughout the hour long event, very informal, very friendly. We talked about the resort, the condo, etc and it seems very casual- some people barely ski at all and want to drink and shop, but then there are some serious snowboarders. I think I will continue the tradition of the lesson in the morning, and it sounds like that won't be a problem. Overall it sounds like a good trip and I'm going to sign up.

Now will it count for six events or just one?

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