Thursday, January 8, 2009

Texas Tri Series

I'm officially signed up and about $400 poorer. But I'm already planning on doing Longhorn, and am hoping to get a friend to do the Rookie, so that's two out of the five right there. Why not sign up for them all right now? So that's what I did. Even if I get injured, you can still volunteer and get credit for the Tri Series, and there are refunds on the races as well.

And then I got the hotel room for Lonestar, another $230. And then I signed up for IBM half marathon- I'm not sure if I'm going to the half, or do the first part of the relay. Really, I just want the goodie bag- it's the best one ever. Really! All the 3M products like post it notes and markers. Though of course, paying $70 for post it notes is a little stupid, so it's good that the race is well organized and all downhill. The only issue is trying to get to my church class on time since it's the last class in this series. And even if I'm late, or miss it entirely, I'm going to all the other classes, so it shouldn't be too horrible. But it has taken a lot of effort to clear my Sundays for four weeks in a row, and even so, I may have to miss one.

So in one day, I've dropped about $700 on races and lodging for races, and that's on top of the other $400 I've spent on Longhorn and Lonestar. Man, triathlon is expensive!

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