Thursday, January 22, 2009

Windy bike ride

Went out from my house to the Mopac loop- not too bad. I did get honked at on the part of Slaughter that does not have a bike lane. I am trying to interpret this honk as a "way to go" honk as opposed to a "get off the road" honk because they honked after they passed me. Maybe I'm just hoping that not every car wants to kill cyclists, especially other cyclists driving their cars- I was cut off by a SUV with a bike on the back. WTF?

But it was super windy. I spent almost 15 minutes in aero because it was so windy, so that was good practice, but I did feel a couple times out of control being pushed around by the wind, and then also the big trucks whoosing by on Mopac. I cut the Mopac loop short and headed back, trying a new route done Davis/Dittmar, which is a fine road except for the two killer hills and no visibility for passing. So I think I'll have to stick to Slaughter.

And Roddick, Blake, Federer, and the Williams are all still in the Australian Open! Yay!

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