Friday, January 9, 2009

Barton Springs in the dark means more people to run into...

Or actually that would be swim into. I went last week and it was great- only about three swimmers and my friend and I counted laps together and challenged each other to go a full mile. And I even practiced drafting a little at the end. It was fun! Plus some diving board action with the protection of the wetsuits.

This week she is out of town, but I went tonight anyway and ran into a fellow T3er there and had a chance to talk with him. He's training for IM CDA, and it's rather curious how I'm able to vocalize my plan of IMAZ 2010. And he didn't laugh either! And now that I'm saying it, it makes it seem like it's really possible. And if it's really possible, then I have a ton of work to do!

But tonight, because the weather was so warm (80 degrees in January!) there were a bunch of people and the water was very stirred up with algae and plant leaves. And so in the dark, trying not to flip out when I swim into the long stringy leaves, and then shark like shadows cropping up everywhere, and then other people swimming into me! And I feel like the faster person has the obligation to avoid the slower people, so it's not my fault. And I am really trying to spot, but with the glare from the lights in places, but the reflections on the water, I either think there are people where there aren't, or don't see the person swimming right up in my face.

But I did get a mile in, rather comfortably, and it felt good.

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