Monday, January 19, 2009

Good run!

I actually felt good at the hill workout tonight. It's been a while that my legs haven't felt like lead when I've tried to run on them. We did mile repeats on a figure eight course of tough hills near O'Henry school and I did 2.5 of them. I was supposed to do three, but I have instituted a new policy that I will run until the other last runner finishes. Luckily the IMCDAers usually go quite a bit longer than me training for a half marathon, so when they're finishing, I'll be close. And with core, warmup and cooldown, it was 1 hour 45 minutes long, and that's plenty.

What also helped was getting a massage and adjusted today before the workout- that always feels good and I think we're finally getting the middle of my back to get in line. And I always feel so tall and long afterwards- so perfect to run on and pound it back down! Plus I had a good day with my nutrition- I'm finally figuring out what I have to eat to have the energy to do the workout, without having GI issues or bonking. But I'm also learning that I need longer to recover than the T3 training plan says, and I'm going to honor that, especially at this point in the season, instead of forcing workouts that are half hearted and a struggle to get through without injury. So as much as I want to do spin tomorrow, with work I can't do the evening workout, and there's just not enough time to refresh my legs before tomorrow morning. So no spin tomorrow, but I will do track on Wed, and spin on Thursday, and if the weather stays nice, swim on Friday, off Saturday, and 3M Sunday. That's the plan!

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